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Cookies and Privacy Policy

What we do with your information:

We use your data to process your ticket purchases and, with your permission, provide you with details about future events and services based on your past purchasing history. We use anonymised data to analyse audiences as a whole for reporting, and to help us plan future marketing and communications campaigns.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure your information is kept secure and is accurate. We have never and will never sell your information to any other company or individual, or use it in any way which could compromise your privacy unless required to do so by law.

Some third parties who we use to provide service for you in may have access to your data. We make sure anyone who provides such services for the Banyan Theater Company enters into an agreement with us, meets our standards and only uses you information in an manner in which you could reasonably expect.

You may, at any time, update your communication preferences opting to receive or stop receiving information from us. We do not send marketing information to anyone aged under 16 years old, with the exception of our Young Company members who have consented to this.

The information we hold about you

For the majority of our services, we simply require name, postal address and email address so we can process payments securely, post tickets if requested, and keep you informed about your future visits. Your payment card details are never stored by Banyan Theater Company.

We may require more information from you in order to provide additional services or, in some circumstances we may require further details from you to make an investigation. Additional information required could include:
• Information about disabilities or special needs so we can provide assistance for you or a member of your party
• Copies of any correspondence sent by you to us or us to you.
• IP address, cookie and website usage related data if you use our website and have consented
• Details of Banyan Theater Company memberships, ticket purchases, donations made, and any other activities you may have undertaken with us.
• CCTV images taken when you visited us.

We use profiling tools to help us better understand our audiences as a whole and to plan future marketing and communications campaigns.

More Information

With the exception of CCTV images, all customer data is held on a single, centralised database which is operated and managed exclusively by Banyan Theater Company. That system records sales information, tracks communications to and engagement with each individual customer. For some customers this might also include sensitive information, relating to dietary requirements or disabilities which are used to provide specific services to those customers when they visit us.

CCTV images are held on a separate security system and are in place to provide as part of our customer and staff safeguarding procedures.These images are automatically deleted every 30 days unless where they form part of any ongoing investigation. These systems can only be accessed by trained, authorised Banyan Theater Company staff whose use of them is monitored and audited. Access is granted solely for the purpose of individual staff members being able to effectively undertake their jobs and is regularly reviewed. In the case of an incident or unusual event whilst you are with us, we may ask your consent to record more personal information so that we can investigate a situation you are involved in.

How long do we hold your data?

After a period of 6 years of inactivity, we permanently erase all your personal data.

Who has access to your information?

Banyan Theater Company and its sister company work directly with a small number of companies who process data to facilitate direct communications, and to analyse anonymised data on our behalf. Strict agreements are in place with each company to ensure the safe use and safe storage of the data we supply, with our processes are reviewed regularly to ensure that our systems are as effective as possible. These organisations will not contact you directly on behalf of Banyan Theater Company as part of any agreement with us and your data is supplied to them as instructed by us and is only retained as long as required for the provision of the services you have requested. If you have any concerns, comments or complaints about how your information is used, please contact [email protected]

We understand that the storage and use of your personal data can be concerning in an age of well publicised leaks and breaches. No system or service is one hundred percent secure but we take all reasonable and appropriate measures to ensure the transmission and use of your data is as secure as technology will allow.

Your information is valuable to you and you trust us to look after it appropriately. Our systems are kept up to date with all the latest security patches and firewall measures. We dedicate significant resources and time to making sure access to our systems are limited only to appropriate staff and with the training and awareness to manage and safeguard your data and privacy.

Information exported outside of the network to the companies described is transmitted using AES256 encryption standards. The information is stored using the same standards up to the point where stored on external systems where security arrangements form part of our binding agreements.

If you have an concerns regarding how your information is stored, used, or with whom it is shared for the purposes you have agreed to, please contact [email protected]


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